Welcome to Riverside North Park

Our “Friends Group” started up in 2012 and has formed a close working relationship with local councillors from Bewdley Town Council, WFDC and County Council. More recently our meetings have been attended by Police Community Support Officers in order to extend our working relationships and monitor any vandalism.

It was brought to our attention in the beginning that the future of the park was uncertain as constant cutbacks in budgets spending was making it harder for the council to keep it viable. We meet regularly to discuss the general maintenance and development of the park. To date, most of these meetings have resulted in improvements to things like drainage, paths, waste bins and the clearance of the riverside undergrowth. We also pushed for the renovation of the paddling pool and it was a joy to see it being used so enthusiastically during the summer holidays. Benches have been repaired and maintenance on the play equipment has been carried out.

We are now starting to become more adventurous! We have finally managed to open a bank account, agreed a constitution and have started raising funds towards projects to enhance the area. Our first project is to make much more of the pond that is situated just beyond the playground area.